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fzk-ctc—china’s widely used centralizedtraffic control system in railway

centralized traffic control system (fzk-ctc)

the centralized traffic control system is the railway signaling technology equipment that conducts dispatching and command of the trains and shunting operations in the section under jurisdiction and achieves centralized control by signal equipment like interlocking, train control and section block. it is an important train operation equipment and command center for railway transportation.

fzk-ctc takes into full consideration the actual situation of china railway such as mixed operation of freight and passenger transportation and frequent shunting operations, and incorporated the control of shunting operations into ctc functions based on the principle of “distributed autonomy”, so as to achieve the remote and intelligent control of shunting routes and effectively solve the frequent shift of control rights between stations and traffic commanding and dispatching centers. fzk-ctc is also designed with the control function of shunting operations at unmanned stations, which fully exerts the advantages of ctc.

system features

  • 1 1 protection of key system units, and hot-standby switch without manual intervention in case of failure
  • distributed autonomic functional configuration that can complete the key dispatching and command in case of central failure
  • distributed wan structure convenient for potential system expansion
  • modularized software design, flexible to meet user needs
  • standard graphical user interface conforming to ergonomic principles
  • perfect failure diagnosis function, reducing system maintenance time
  • interfaces with multiple systems like interlocking, train control, monitoring, tdms and gsm-r
  • highly reliable system design based on unix system, relational database and object oriented technology
  • well-improved network protection function
  • time synchronization within the whole system

the newly developed fzk-ctc3.0 with independent intellectual property ── a safe,
efficient and reliable all-round integrated system for railway train dispatching and command

  • intelligently integrate multiple subsystems such as train operation, operation and maintenance, query, simulation and emergency based on the principle of “distributed autonomy”
  • adopt a new generation of industrial autonomic machine, and add station servers, thus optimizing the system structure and improving the equipment performance
  • cover more train operation positions at stations, make full use of redundant dual-network to realize two-way transmission of business applications, and increase train operation process supervision and security control, greatly improving the system stability and safety while extending the system connotation
  • build train operation data platform to provide information maintenance for different positions
  • enrich the station plans and change the way of route operation, to better adapt to the train operation commands of various types of stations

advantages of fzk-ctc3.0 system

  • comprehensive integration

    it integrates multiple subsystems such as train operation, operation and maintenance, query, simulation and emergency, with system architecture optimized and system connotation extended, and big data platform is built to provide train operation information maintenance for different positions.

  • higher safety

    the system realizes all-round information check and integration, and incorporates the regulations, standards, business processes, etc. of train operations into equipment management, which fundamentally solves the problem of wrong route setting, and realizes the transformation from monitoring to prevention and control, human control to machine control and manual setting of prevention conditions to system automatic setting, so that the train operation is strictly organized by regulations and procedures, thus eliminating the potential safety hazards.

  • better performance

    station servers are added.

    the performance of key equipment such as station autonomic machine is significantly improved.

    the station autonomic machine uses a more real-time customized operating system and special hardware, with a faster system response.

  • better adaptiveness

    the system is not only widely applied in high-speed railway, but also in normal-speed railway. rich station plans and innovative route setting methods make it better adaptive to complex hubs and multi-directional stations.

  • better stability

    redundant dual-network is fully exploited to realize two-way transmission of business applications.

    the integrated maintenance platform (operation and maintenance subsystem) is equipped with an “online diagnostician”, which provides technical support for 7*24 uninterrupted system operation.

    the query subsystem has separate functions from the core production system, making the later more focused on dispatching and command production.

    the emergency subsystem can quickly restore system operation in case of core equipment failure or even disaster.

intelligent ctc system

in view of the development needs of “intelligent railway”, it made breakthrough and further technological innovation based on the existing fzk-ctc3.0 software and hardware platform, and realized a deeper level of intelligentization of ctc system, improving the intelligent level of railway transportation as a whole.

  • automatically adjust the train operation plan and assist the dispatchers in efficient emergency disposal
  • automatic route setting optimization helps to improve the transport capacity of busy lines
  • more information display and linkage by integrated sharing of passenger ticket, power supply dispatching and disaster monitoring
  • simulation training platform, integrating simulation, testing and practical training
  • train operation plans are automatically loaded to help automatic driving of high-speed railway








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