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tdcs—safe and efficient train dispatching command system of new generation

tdcs-k 3.0 train dispatching command system (hereinafter referred to as tdcs 3.0) is a new generation that was developed by casco according to the technical specifications of train dispatching command system (3.0) issued by china railway corporation. in line with the transportation production standards, the system manages the whole process of transportation safety to improve train dispatching efficiency and enhance safety guarantee.

  • system introduction

    tdcs3.0 improves the hardware platform and software functions of the original tdcs in an all-round way while keeping the original functions and combining leading technology with ctc experience in high-speed railway. it reinforces the redundancy and reliability of system structure, adds query, simulation testing, maintenance support and emergency security systems, and improves information safety.

    in addition, functions such as operation control of running chart, formatted input of dispatching command, route error alarm, procedure supervision of train operation, off-normal operation support, comprehensive inquiry of traffic information and construction management are added to improve data and equipment maintenance, and better safeguard train operation safety.

  • system functions

    enhanced station display

    operation control of running chart

    formatted input of dispatching command

    route error alarm

    management of key train operation

    procedure supervision of train operation

    off-normal operation support

    comprehensive inquiry of station train operation information

    construction management

    data integration maintenance

    equipment maintenance

    additional functions like technical operation chart and dispatching plans








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