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tacn - moving block train autonomous operation control system for freight railways based on beidou satellite positioning

on the basis of the existing train control system, casco developed beidou positioning based train autonomous control system (tacn) to meet the requirements of application in freight railways.。

the system adopts key technologies such as multi-source fusion train positioning based on beidou positioning, autonomous train integrity check covering wind pressure, position and speed, electronic map, and ip-based train-track radio communication, which saves trackside signaling equipment, realizes less maintenance of station equipment and zero maintenance of section equipment, and reduces maintenance difficulty and workload. featuring strong applicability, advanced technology, and convenient o&m, it fills the gap of moving block intelligent train control system for freight railway in china.

system advantages

  • advanced technologies

    highly safe autonomous train positioning and integrity check: train positioning through fusion of multiple sources including satellite, speed transmission and balise; autonomous train integrity check covering wind, pressure, position and speed

    full-ip multi-mode train-track radio communication including 5g/4g mobile communication network and lte-r/gsm-r private network

    moving block control for heavy freight trains

  • efficient operation

    the moving block technology optimizes the key indicators in the freight railway transportation and improves the transportation capacity and efficiency

    accurate train location management, making better utilization of resources

    dynamic capacity allocation according to the line conditions

  • enhanced safety

    multi-source fusion positioning algorithm, highly precise train positioning, faster response to changes in internal and external conditions, and earlier switch to the safe side

    highly safe autonomous train integrity check covering wind pressure, satellite positioning and speed

  • reduced investment and convenient o&m

    reduced investment cost: reduced configuration of section track circuits, axle counters and signals

    reduced o&m costs: reduced trackside equipment, lower equipment maintenance costs and power consumption, saving equipment room area and cable laying costs

    shortened project delivery time: reduced trackside equipment is conducive to the implementation of renovation projects

    upgraded from automatic block or fixed block to moving block, with no need for trackside section project implementation and little impact on existing local railways, saving investment

    remote equipment maintenance: the central maintenance system remotely monitors and maintains for train and trackside equipment

  • strong applicability

    suitable for freight trains including diesel locomotives, electric multiple units, etc.

    capable of interoperability : on-board equipment with interoperability function

    backup operation mode: when the system fails, a safe, reliable and automatic system backup operation mode will be enabled








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