the only one! casco wins the special award for scientific and technological progress in urban rail transit-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

the only one! casco wins the special award for scientific and technological progress in urban rail transit

03 apr 2024

on march 29th, the china association of metro announced the winners of the "2023 urban rail transit scientific and technological progress award" during the ceremony. casco's project, "the research and application of key technologies for flexible online marshalling in urban rail transit," was awarded the only special prize of this year - the special award for scientific and technological progress in urban rail transit. it fully recognizes casco's unremitting efforts in sticking to independent innovation and demonstrates its positive contributions to promoting technological innovation in the industry.

the award-winning project was jointly completed by casco, shanghai shentong metro group co., ltd., shanghai maglev transportation development co., ltd., tongji university, and shanghai metro maintenance and guarantee co., ltd. it addresses the industry challenge of reconciling passenger demand with transportation capacity under traditional marshalling modes, representing an innovative technology that drives the transformation of urban rail transit organization.

this achievement is the first in china to realize the transportation organization technology and model based on flexible and automatic coupling. through the development of train automatic coupling technology with ato mode , rapid reconstruction technology for train control system, and automatic identification and dynamic adaptation technology for the operating status of flexibly marshalled trains, it achieves functions such as rapid and flexible online marshalling of trains, automatic switching of onboard network configurations, and dynamic matching of transportation capacity and volume.

after more than two years of application on shanghai metro line 16, the technology has demonstrated stable and reliable performance, significant energy-saving and carbon-reduction effects with both economic and social benefits, making it highly valuable for market promotion.

at the same time, casco continues the technical research and further develops flexible marshalling technology suitable for goa4 fully automatic operation systems. in the near future, the relevant achievements will be applied to beijing metro line 3, helping it achieve online coupling and decoupling in interconnected scenarios.

casco's award has a positive leading and exemplary significance for the promotion and application of flexible marshalling technology within the industry. facing the need for urban rail transit transformation in the context of the "dual carbon" goals, casco will adhere to innovation-driven development and empower the industry with continuously improving professional technology to achieve efficient, economic, and green sustainable development.



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