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ilock—intelligent and secure 2oo2×2 computer interlocking system with independent intellectual property and transparent interlocking logic

ilock is a “2oo2×2” computer interlocking system developed independently by casco with full intellectual property rights.

on the basis of “2oo2×2” hardware redundancy structure, ilock adopts nisal technology and adds independent “fail –safe” cpu check module to ensure high safety of the whole system.

with the design and development strictly following european standard, ilock took lead in getting sil4 safety certificate issued by international third-party certification authority, and obtained crcc product certificate after passing all the tests of interlocking equipment by china railway test& certification center.

system advantages

  • safety

    ilock applies “2oo2”, double-break stable output and numerically integrated safety-assurance logic technologies and adds independent safety validation vps board to ensure system safety.

  • reliability

    ilock adopts multi-redundant structure and adds the technology of collection sharing and paralleled output control by dual systems, ensuring high reliability.

    ilock is equipped with multi-processor, independent computer power supply protection and partitioned filtering, endowing it with great lightening protection and anti-interference capabilities.

  • maintainability

    with open design language in application software, ilock has good readability.

    with electronic-guided diagnostic function, ilock can track the output or input failure to code level.

    ilock boasts the function of online version validation so as to achieve process tracking and version management of system design.

    ilock is designed with on-site simulation test interface and vital check-out or check-in design of simulation test data is involved in application software.

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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