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ilock-ii - a new generation of trackside safety control system supporting electronic and relay interface based on high-performance trackside safety platform

ilock-ii computer interlocking system is a new generation of high-performance, expandable and easy-to-maintain 2oo2×2 intelligent safe computer interlocking system developed by casco. ilock-ii series includes ilock-ii type with relay interface and ilock-ii e type with electronic interface.

ilock-ii computer interlocking system adopts casco's self-developed high-performance trackside safety platform, applies advanced safety technologies such as bit, div, nisal and clock security, and incorporates technologies such as parallel driving and collection, information security sharing, multiple redundancy and non-disturbance switching to ensure 7*24 uninterrupted operation. it meets a variety of user demands such as flexible local/remote operation, intelligent maintenance and convenient upgrading.

system advantages

  • high performance

    fast response to capture various external signal changes accurately in real time to meet higher train operating speed command.

    powerful computing capability to meet the design demand for complex and large-capacity stations.

    high-bandwidth and high-concurrent network processing capability for redundant communication with multi-node security isolation.

  • high safety

    on the basis of nisal secure coding, the system is embedded with bit and div technologies to enhance the security of both logic operation and system operation.

    adopt clock security technology with clock synchronization accuracy within 2ms, effectively eliminating the impact caused by synchronization gap.

  • high reliability and availability

    real-time synchronized computing, information sharing and switching without packet loss.

    - the external safety network, internal safety network, control network, and internal bus are all configured redundantly and independently from each other.

    board-level redundancy and hot plug function to support users to replace electronic execution unit boards online with uninterrupted operation of the system.

    boards will actively quit working in case of failure, without affecting the operation of the whole system.

  • easy maintenance

    provide graphical maintenance and diagnosis as well as clear and visual fault indication.

    simple configuration and interface can effectively reduce equipment failure and daily maintenance workload on site.

    improve the accuracy of fault location based on intelligent analysis and big data analysis, etc.

    integrate independent self-check alarm and control monitoring to achieve online monitoring of indoor and outdoor signal equipment.

    automatically obtain board serial numbers and hardware and software versions to digitize asset management.

    real-time monitoring of power deterioration, and automatic early warnings based on trends.

    critical equipment health management for preventive maintenance.

  • expandability

    modular design, network structure, clear hierarchy and flexible configuration.

    a network interface is employed between the logic and execution layers to meet different demands of interlocking stations, centers and regional configurations.

    the electronification of the execution unit breaks the limitation on cable connection distance and allows local or remote control by setting up control devices indoors, outdoors or at trackside as required.

    interlocking system with relay interface or electronic interlocking system can be configured as required.

  • low full lifecycle costs

    logic computing boards and communication boards are interchangeable, and the same card is used for features like semi-automatic block, liaison circuit between yards, liaison circuit between stations, and discrete driving and collection, as well as different signals, thus requiring fewer spare parts and reducing maintenance cost.

    fully electronic interlocking is highly integrated and thus requires for less wiring and area occupation for equipment, which not only reduces workload for on-site construction and commissioning, but also greatly reduces the use of relays, signal cables, and combination racks, thus significantly reducing the total investment in station equipment.

    fully electronic interlocking provides abundant maintenance information, intelligent warnings and alarms, reducing maintenance costs.

    fully electronic interlocking eliminates the need for regular factory maintenance of the relays, thus reducing the use cost.

  • transparent and readable interlocking logic

    the interlocking logic is realized with boolean algebra, making it simple, clear and easy to understand.

    users are provided with the function to read station interlocking data online, which makes the interlocking logic transparent.

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