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suburban railway

stcs - a multi-mode signaling system
supporting high-speed cbtc, c2 ato atb, c2 cbtc

the suburban train control system (stcs) is a multi-mode signaling system independently developed by casco for suburban railways. it can be flexibly configured into ctcs2 ato with automatic turnback function, high-speed networking cbtc or ctcs2 cbtc multi-mode signaling system according to the characteristics of operational requirements. while satisfying the original needs of mass transit operation on suburban railways, it can also support the connectivity with national railway, intercity railway and urban rail transit systems to meet the demand for cross/ common line operation of trains between lines equipped with different signaling systems.

system advantages

  • flexible and configurable

    the system can be flexibly configured to meet the different operational requirements for different lines, and supports the application in ctcs2 ato, cbtc and ctcs2 cbtc operational modes.

  • mass transit

    the system supports high-speed (160-200km/h) operation and satisfies the operating interval within 3 minutes, while the trains can automatically turn back at stations or through change of end track behind platform.

  • interconnection

    the standardized interface is adopted to realize interconnection between suburban railway and national railway, which satisfies national railway requirements.

    the networking dispatching management system (ndms) of suburban railway meets the needs of interconnection and mass transit, supports the simultaneous control of suburban railways with three different signaling mode, and can share information with existing dispatching center of national railways and urban rail transit, satisfying the demand of networked dispatching command under multi-network convergence.

    the system supports multiple train-ground wireless communication modes such as gsm-r, lte, wifi and reserves 5g-r interface to provide a networked multi-mode communication channel for cross-line operation.

  • multi-mode onboard systems

    the onboard signaling system is equipped with dual sets of independent or integrated vital computer, which allow it to work in either cbtc or ctcs2 ato modes, meeting the needs of cross-line and common-line operation with different signaling systems.

  • integration of monitoring, operation and maintenance

    as suburban railways feature high integration, various majors, networked and mass transit operation, the system can provide integrated monitoring and real-time diagnosis of stations, control centers, onboards etc., which is also capable to extend the integrated operation and maintenance to equipment of multiple subsystems such as public affairs, power supply and communication, to improve the reliability of equipment operation and reduce the time delay from system failure.

  • mature and reliable

    casco has years of technical development and application experience in national railway and urban rail transit, which can provide mature, reliable and safe platform for suburban railway signaling system.

multi-scenario operation

stcs can be deployed in two ways: trackside compatibility and onboard compatibility.
the former supports the common-line operation, while the latter supports the cross-line operation.

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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