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lkd2-ka—the train control center system based on multimode safety technology

lkd2-ka is a train control center system independently developed by casco and can be applied to stations, relay stations, block posts and stations without siding in ctcs-2 and ctcs-3 high-speed railways as well as ctcs-0 stations connected to ctcs-2 railways and c2 ato intercity railways.

based on 2oo2×2 hardware redundant platform, lkd2-ka utilizes nisal, bit and other safety technologies and adds independent fail-safe check module to ensure 2oo2×2 comparison when every cpu calculation module is sound and reliable, which makes it safer than common hardware redundant platform. besides, the system separates software from data, so that the update of date/software will not affect the existing software/data, thus reducing the difficulty and workload of project commission and date/software upgrade.

lkd2-ka has won international third-party sil4 safety certification. in july 2014, the system received administrative licensing from national railway administration. in january 2015, it passed the technical review by china railway corporation and got railway product certificate issued by china railway test & certification centre in february 3rd.

system advantages

  • high safety

    the system passed sil4 safety certification by independent international third party.

    independent safety validation system vps is added on the basis of “2oo2”, double-break stable output, double-break collection, nisal and bit technologies to ensure system safety.

  • high reliability

    with multi-redundant structure, if a single system fails, it can switch to the other without affecting the operation.

    the dual redundant network guarantees sound communication as it can turn to good network when single net failure happens.

    the application of independent computer power supply protection and partitioned filtering technology makes it have great lightening protection and anti-interference capabilities.

  • high maintainability

    on the principle of software and data separation, lkd2-ka can realize the upgrade of software or data alone without affecting the existing one, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency and reduces the project impact.

    the software uses uml design language and modular design, making it more readable and expandable.

    with electronic guide diagnostic function, lkd2-ka can record every message in the interaction and makes it easy for maintenance and diagnosis.

    the system is provided with the function of online version validation to achieve process tracking and version management of system design.

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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