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casco achieves phased results in its key research projects in xi'an

11 apr 2024

on the afternoon of april 8, the enterprise leaders' symposium of the first batch of key research projects and the unveiling ceremony of the postdoctoral research station cooperation base of the future technology innovation institute for rail transit were held at the china western science and technology innovation port.

present at the event were ye niuping, deputy secretary of the xi'an municipal party committee and mayor of xi'an, lu jianjun, secretary of the party committee of xi'an jiaotong university, song yang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the shaanxi rail transit group, and leaders from over 20 rail transit industry chain-related enterprises and scientific research institutions. wang yin, secretary of the party committee, chairman, and president of casco, was invited to participate.

the participating leaders and experts first visited the equipment display area of the innovation institute's testing base, observed casco's key signaling system technology and digital development scenario models. zhao gendang, director of the xi'an rail transit group's technology center and dean of the innovation institute, introduced that the model integrates the results of four major projects: digital collaborative dispatching of regional rail transit network, digital-empowered integrated system for station freight management and control, digital safety management and control intelligent terminals, and over-the-horizon intelligent perception and early warning technology. it demonstrated the comprehensive application of casco's scientific research projects in the scenario of "integration of four networks." during the visit, the participating leaders and experts also went to the testing area to visit equipment such as the over-the-horizon radar system model and digital terminal prototypes, praising the advanced functions and technological innovation highlights of the project.

at the symposium, as a representative of the first batch of key research enterprises, wang yin made a keynote speech. he stated that innovation is the primary driving force. with the intelligent transformation of rail transit, casco will continue to rely on the innovation institute and the qinchuangyuan innovation-driven platform to combine the resource advantages of university technology achievements with the advantages of enterprise market entities, striving to achieve breakthroughs in key rail transit technologies. jointly with the shaanxi rail transit group and xi'an jiaotong university, casco will build a digital foundation for rail transit, establish a computing power center for rail transit, develop new productive forces, and play a greater role in building a high-end, intelligent, and green modern rail transit industry in shaanxi, thus making greater contributions to the construction of xi'an as a "dual-center" city and the accelerated implementation of innovation-driven development strategy.

subsequently, casco was awarded an "off-campus practice base" by xi'an jiaotong university, and zhou tingliang, dean of casco's innovation institute, was appointed as an adjunct professor.

a year ago, as the only signaling enterprise among the key research companies, casco joined forces with xi'an jiaotong university to sign four major scientific research projects, aiming to solve the "bottleneck" issues in the rail transit industry. since then, casco has further formed a "scientist engineer" team with the shaanxi rail transit group and xi'an jiaotong university, gathering over 20 professors, doctors, and masters, as well as over 50 research and development engineers, to jointly carry out technological breakthroughs and accelerate the construction of the innovation institute's office and experimental base, ensuring the smooth progress of the project. nowadays, all four projects have achieved phased results, some of which are about to be put into field testing and application.

in the future, casco will continue to rely on the qinchuangyuan innovation-driven platform, focus on the innovation institute, and take university-enterprise cooperation as an important support. it will gather the advantages of industry, academia, and research, deepen comprehensive cooperation in areas such as scientific research breakthroughs, achievement transformation, and talent cultivation, promote industrial innovation through technological innovation, accelerate the construction of a new rail transit industry system that is compatible with new productive forces, and contribute to the high-quality development of shaanxi's rail transit.



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