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empowering new quality productive forces, casco continues to strengthen ip construction

26 apr 2024

on april 26th, the 24th world intellectual property day, the transformation and application of intellectual property rights has become a hot topic of discussion among all sectors of society. as a "national intellectual property demonstration enterprise," casco is also considering how to shoulder greater responsibility with the power of innovation, actively promote the development of intelligent, high-end, and green modern rail transit industry, and has embarked on a series of practices and explorations.

intellectual property rights, as a core element of developing new quality productive forces, are not only a manifestation of innovation achievements but also a bridge and link to transform innovation achievements into actual productive forces. as a technology enterprise that views innovation as its core competitiveness, casco has accumulated a large number of high-quality intellectual property achievements through continuous scientific research and technological innovation, and actively responds to the national "innovation-driven development" strategy, committed to promoting industrial innovation with technological innovation, and providing strong support for the development of new quality productive forces.

up to now, casco has over 1,100 valid authorized patents, more than 1,200 software 九游会j9登录官网 copyrights, and nearly 180 registered trademarks. more than 20 patents have successively won the china patent award, shanghai invention and creation award, and shanghai intellectual property innovation award. moreover, in the context of globalization, casco actively goes abroad, laying out over 100 international patents and nearly 30 overseas trademarks covering 26 overseas countries and regions, further enhancing the international competitiveness of the company's brand.

casco's intellectual property achievements have not only grown steadily in quantity, but also achieved leapfrog improvement in quality, with outstanding innovation vitality.

  • relying on the shanghai high-value patent cultivation center project, casco has comprehensively carried out the construction of a high-value patent cultivation system, set up patent quality assessment and hierarchical management specifications, and continuously improved the company's patent quality. among them, the invention patent "a realization method for flexible marshaling operation of urban rail transit" won the 24th china patent silver award with its high innovativeness, stability, and profitability.

  • casco attaches great importance to patent transformation and application, vigorously promotes the cultivation of patent-intensive products, and has achieved significant breakthroughs. in early 2024, three of the company's innovative products successfully made the "national list of patent-intensive products."

  • casco actively implements international standards for innovation and intellectual property management, takes the realization of innovation value as the core orientation, promotes the deep integration of innovation management and intellectual property, and comprehensively enhances its capabilities in innovation, intellectual property creation, protection, and utilization.

to further optimize the innovation environment, casco insists on investing no less than 10% of its annual sales revenue in research and development every year, and stimulates the innovation motivation of scientific and technological personnel by organizing science and technology competitions. it implements the "dual-wheel, dual-drive" mentorship talent cultivation model to continuously strengthen the technical backbone team. it actively promotes the construction and upgrading of existing innovation platforms such as national enterprise technology center, provincial research center, and academician expert workstation. these measures have provided strong guarantees for the continuous emergence of high-quality intellectual property achievements of casco.

with the continuous advancement of technology and people's higher pursuit of better travel, casco will also aim at the future technology development direction of rail transit, actively promote the research and development of industry-leading technologies such as next-generation train control and digital urban rail transit, promote the transformation and application of relevant intellectual property achievements, and contribute to building a high-end, intelligent, and green modern rail transit industry.



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