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“next stop, new start”
joint action in six cities! run-for-fun carnival for casco's 35th anniversary

exuberant and fruitful era represents the company's prosperity.

on october 30, 2021,
casco, with its subsidiaries and branches,
witnessed the synchronous start of their "run-for-fun carnival for the 35th anniversary".
the event was launched simultaneously in six cities, i.e. shanghai, zhengzhou, wuhan, xi'an, kunming and shenyang.
nearly 1,000 participants ran with fun on the same day and at the same moment to fulfill their commitment
to original aspiration, innovation and craftsmanship.

the carnival was divided into "competitive run" for a better performance and "run for fun" as the health experience; as a sports carnival exclusively organized for the company's 35th anniversary, the carnival was popular among all the staff.

no matter how diligent our engineers are in their work, they are no slower than anyone in the carnival. a great number of runners in the company who are unknown to others showed their impressive athletic talent in the "competitive run".

although the participants in the "run for fun" were subject to some "constraints" and many "obstacles", they co-worked perfectly and broke through the barriers successfully, leaving laughter all the way.

as many colleagues invited their families to join the carnival filled with casco's happy atmosphere, there is no doubt that the unique carnival would become an unforgettable recollection in the mind of every family member of casco staff.

the fierce competition eventually ended with the winners of each category selected. after the competition, the leaders of the company presented the prizes on the spot for the runners who stood out.

in addition to the above games, a variety of carnival events were organized: band performance, ornamental wall for photo taking, parent-children interaction games, nazca lines, etc., which contributed to the successful ending of the event.

the past 35 years witnessed the generations of casco staff's joint efforts to develop and
transform casco into a leading enterprise in china's rail transit industry.
no matter how the era changes in the future, casco will be as energetic and passionate as a youth is,
and keep the vision to make further progress with its original aspiration unchanged!



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