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ilock-e—a new generation of signal control interlocking developed independently

the ilock-e full-electronic computer interlocking system is an electronic execution unit subsystem independently developed by casco on the basis of the existing ilock computer interlocking system, which realizes the direct driving and acquisition function of the trackside equipment. ilock-e adopts 2oo2×2 structure, and the core safety platform has passed the international third-party sil4 safety certification.

as a new generation of interlocking equipment for railway signal control, the full-electronic computer interlocking system has high safety, small size, powerful functions and strong networking capability, which can provide necessary basic information for railway automation and informatization, and is the future development direction of railway signaling.

system advantages

  • high safety

    on the basis of “2oo2” and numerically integrated safety-assurance logic technology, independent safety validation vps board is added to ensure system safety, making it have passed international independent third-party sil4 safety certification.

    the electronic execution unit adopts fail-safe architecture recommended in cenelec standard, with its core safety platform having passed international independent third-party sil4 safety certification. and various technologies are applied such as data scrambling, online self-diagnosis, independent double-break output and output check to ensure correct system acquisition, calculation and execution and achieve high safety.

  • high reliability and availability

    hot-redundant 2oo2 structure is adopted, with seamless switching between dual systems and high reliability.

    the electronic execution unit can be configured as single or redundant 2oo2 as required to achieve board-level hot standby.

    the board supports hot plugging and the execution unit can be replaced without shutting down the system, which ensures uninterrupted system operation.

    the use of electronic execution units remarkably reduces the use of relays and cables, which avoids faults like wire misconnection/disconnection/relay failures and improves system availability and reliability.

  • flexible configuration

    modular design and networked structure make its application adaptable to stations of different scales and configurations. it can be flexibly configured as local, regional or centralized interlocking as required, meeting various user needs including remote centralized control and local station control.

  • high maintainability

    provide graphical maintenance and diagnosis, comprehensive signal equipment monitoring information, clear and visual fault alerts and intelligent fault analysis.

    concise equipment configuration, simple interface and low failure rate, which can greatly reduce daily maintenance workload on site.

  • transparent and readable interlocking software

    the interlocking software uses the technology of static data and dynamic check. when the station is upgrading the interlocking software, it is possible to define the testing range, reduce repeated test and improve work efficiency.

    the system provides users with the function of online reading of station interlocking software, so that the interlocking logic is transparent and readable.

  • low investment cost

    it can greatly reduce the use of relays, signal cables and combination racks by equipping full-electronic computer interlocking system, whose small volume and simple equipment configuration will substantially reduce the total investment of station equipment.

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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