corporate social responsibility

"protecting the mother yangtze river together"
casco beach cleanup program season 3

according to statistics, at least 8 million tons of plastic waste is discharged into the ocean every year, about 80% of which is uncontrolled land waste that flows into the ocean through rivers, so the problem of riverine waste disposal cannot be ignored.

on may 26, 2021 casco wuhan branch, together with wuhan metro operation company, launched a public welfare activity of "protecting the mother yangtze river together", calling attention to the problem of riverine waste and creating a harmonious ecological environment.

located at the confluence of two rivers, wuhan is a city that lives with water and has a long river shoreline. the upcoming flood season will bring about continuous precipitation, which will certainly trigger a chain reaction of environmental pollution and ecological damage if the riverine waste enters with the rainwater into the yangtze river. therefore, 58 volunteers from casco wuhan branch and wuhan metro operation company's signal center gathered at the hankou riverbank to build the last defense line before the waste entered the water.


after warm-up exercise,
everyone went to the "battlefield" and started
"trash chasing in the rain".

picking up garbage

each team, armed with garbage pliers and bags,
searched for garbage "at large" hidden in various
corners. wearing blue hats, they were busy protecting
the mother river with every stoop and pick-up.

garbage sorting,
weighing and recording

after the pick-up, participants learned about waste
sorting and used the scientific method to sort, weigh,
record and dispose garbage.

through this activity, the volunteers realized that the purpose of beach cleaning is not only to beautify the landscape and improve the ecology of the river, but more importantly, to take practical actions to arouse people's attention to public welfare and attract more people to participate in the protection of the yangtze river.



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