corporate social responsibility

“protecting our blue planet”
casco beach cleanup program season 4

"the jinjiang river brings vigorous spring from the edge of heaven and earth, and the yulei mountain is surrounded by ever changing clouds from ancient times to the present." the fuhe river, also known as jinjiang river, is the cradle of chengdu, which nurtures the economic, cultural and social development of the city, thus it is called the "mother river of chengdu".

on july 9 2022, more than 100 volunteers from casco chengdu company and chengdu metro operation co., ltd. maintenance branch gathered on the banks of fuhe river to jointly protect the mother river and the blue planet.

the volunteers, which were divided into 12 groups in 3 routes, patrolled along the banks to thoroughly clean the garbage left by sanitation workers in the grass and corners.

in this cleanup activity,we have picked up

  • 3767pieces

    of garbage
  • 84.915kg

    garbage weight

the riverbank garbage was mainly household garbage,
in which cigarette butts ranked first in quantity, with the number
of 1,615, followed by plastic garbage.

household garbage, if not cleaned up in time, will enter the river with the wind or high tide, and is difficult to completely degrade in the water - it will take 1-5 years for a cigarette butt to be completely degraded, and even more than 20 years for ordinary plastic products to be degraded in water. moreover, in the process, it will harm the ecosystems, pollute water, and potentially threaten human health through the food chain.

the earth, the planet we live on, is not only our home, but also the home of thousands of other creatures.

let's do not litter and reduce the use of plastic products to protect our
beautiful blue planet and build a better future together!



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