corporate social responsibility

"protect our ocean together"
casco beach cleanup program season 2

on october 17, 2020

casco, together with shenzhen metro, successfully held a joint beach clean-up activity in
ji'ao bay, which is the second consecutive year for casco to organize this activity.

volunteers from casco and shenzhen metro cleaned up 393.81kg of marine litter,
taking practical actions to "make the sea clean again" and offering a special
service and care for the 40th anniversary of the shenzhen special economic zone.

after a long journey of almost 2 hours by bus coach, walk and boat, we finally arrived at our destination.

seeing from a distance, a picturesque ji'ao bay came into our view with lucid water, white sand, and coconut trees. however, as we got closer, we noticed that this beautiful view was destroyed by the garbage strewn all over the place. it’s a great nuisance in the landscape and made people feel indignant and distressed. as this beach has not yet been commercially developed, it is an unregulated "wild beach" in terms of waste disposal.

it was a huge task, so without further ado, we got into action!

taking the oath to guard the origin of life
distributing the tools
with so much picking done, today we were the proud beach guardians.
keep eyes sharp and leave out no trace of trash
the children worked hard for public service and added loads of fun.
heated teams’ competition
all kinds of strange junk, how did they end up here?
we cleaned the beach in a scientific way with weighing, sorting, recording and cleaning.

after a busy morning, the joint beach clean-up was successfully completed.

this activity was participated by more than 50 employees and family members of casco
and shenzhen metro, cleaned off a total of 393.81kg of marine litter,
breaking last year's cleaning record of casco 100-people team, demonstrating amazing teamwork.
we hope that our event will bring more people to pay attention to the issue of marine
litter and join the action of beach cleanup.



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