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"protection by heart" drawing contest

went through an unprecedented start,
making everything this year significantly different.
thanks to those who take on the burdens for us,
we can live a peaceful and wonderful life.
this is the power of "protection".

deeply moved and inspired,
casco employees and their families
have drawn many wonderful paintings to
show their respect and gratitude for the "protection".

adult group

thriving heart by lu tianyi

in your arms by yuan yuan

safe travel with me by zhu sisi

travel with ease by cao jingjing

a little mice on journey by ma yiyun

protect your growth by huang jian

protect the earth by zhang shanshan

protection by zhao shanling &
hu rushi

protection and inheritance by
wang keren

protect rail transit by zhao ying

a kid at play by ren wuyan

protection - i protect you and you protect the country by liu lina

we will always be there for you by xu fang

the most beautiful face by ye yan

children group

7-13 years old

an anti-epidemic warrior by ye wen (9 years old)

ordinary heroes under the national flag by cheng chuhan (13 years old)

epidemic prevention and protection by heart by zhou jinhan (13 years old)

protect our home and the earth by xu yiyang (8 years old)

your safe travel is my responsibility by ding tianyue (11 years old)

green journey by zhang qingzhi (9 years old)

in the same boat by zuo wujiahui (7 years old)

all-round protection and all-way reassurance by zheng zitong (8 years old)

protect the green earth and travel by metro by ma chengye (11 years old)

help each other till spring flowers bloom by liu ziqi (10 years old)

we can make differences by zhou hongze (7 years old)

protect the health and safety! by wu junyi (10 years old)

smart city and green travel by zhang jingyue (10 years old)

casco's pursuit of dreams by liang chenjun (8 years old)

young children group

3-6 years old

protect the earth by xia sunjiayi (6 years old)

we under a cherry blossom tree by zhu nuanxin (5 years old)

i love my home by zhou yanran (5 years old)

protect the earth by fu jingkai (6 years old)

protect the earth with our hearts and hands by li muze (6 years old)

protect the earth with our hearts and hands by li muze (6 years old)

give likes to garbage sorting by sun peiqi (5 years old)

sweet home by ji yutong (6 years old)



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