brand story

listen to our stories

in the past,
numerous casco members
worked hard for a common mission and goal,
and created one brilliant chapter after another in the field of rail transit,
leaving the core spirit we stick to till now.

with the brand proposition of “your safety, our priority”,
and the core value of “practitioner spirit”,
the new generation of casco has taken the baton from predecessors,
and continued their stories on the new road of inheritance.

braving all the difficulties, they’ve become stronger.
let’s listen to their stories,
and feel our original aspiration and commitment unchanged for more than 30 years.

bangladesh's dream comes true with the railway linking the north and the south

this is another key project that casco has participated in since the "belt and road" initiative, which realized the application of china’s signaling& telecommunication solutions in the bangladesh railway market for the first time.

bringing the desert to new life


with the new train control system being applied successfully, china has begun to take over the leading position in the field of global train control technology.

the thousand and one nights in egypt


it is the first cbtc line in egypt with digital information functions, marking that egypt’s rail transit has entered a new stage of intelligence. casco was responsible for providing life-cycle service, setting another milestone in casco’s overseas market.

wu yifei

overseas engineering department

this is casco's first full signaling system integration project in egypt, and also my first overseas project. i feel pretty honored to be part of it.

dong gaoyun

platform technology center

i’ve always thought of the warm winter in zhanjiang port, because that’s where our dreams began… so far, more than 1,000 stations have deployed our computer interlocking systems which ensure the safe and smooth operation of trains.

hao jianjun

interlocking system department, beijing branch

in 2017, we participated in the construction of all new and renovated stations north of tanggula, featuring high altitude, low temperature and low pressure. people who haven’t experienced it will not understand.

liu xiaonan

system safety department

the two most important factors of taking rail transit are safety and convenience, among which safety comes first. it is the foundation of casco’s survival, as well as our responsibility and commitment to society and the public.

wang xiaoyong

technology management department

it is the first time for us to apply fully automatic operation system to shanghai metro line 10. we had many extraordinary stories during the project.

wang gang

product center

only by keeping an open mind, developing advanced technologies and reaching the users to study their real needs can we provide truly effective solutions.

ye hao

innovation and incubation center

“your safety, our priority” is a spirit, an attitude, a commitment of casco to its clients, as well as the expectation of casco to its employees.

zhang zhibin

railway system department, beijing branch

in august 2016, the expansion and transformation project of the golmud-lhasa section of qinghai-tibet railway was officially launched. anyone who has experienced it will probably remember it for the rest of his life.



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