corporate social responsibility

steps donation program season 2
apple planting for poverty relief

on october 1, 2021

with the official launch of "walk to protect the green" step donation program season2

casco and china green foundation make concerted efforts to carry out the green plan to promote apple planting.
together, they are committed to the afforestation through apple planting in the poor areas of liujiaxia, gansu, in hoping of
promoting local ecological development, attracting immigrant workers to return to their hometowns for employment as an efforts
to reduce the number of children left behind, and thereby emblaze a win-win approach of ecological and economic benefits.

the step donation has resulted in a new trend of "healthy running" within the company,
enabling us to discover a different aspects of casco staff after work. among them,
there are lots of sports maniac, including motivational role models who succeeded
in weight loss, and "runners" who have been preparing for marathons

  • i started weight loss since the step donation last year, and lost 15kg in less than 6 months. i've lost 30kg so far. i'll keep supporting the step donation!

  • i spend a few days on night shift and need to walk through tunnels. if i run for half an hour during the daytime, my step count will rise significantly.

  • running is my favorite.
    i'm thinking of running a marathon in our card suits~

for other casco staff, walking is merely a work routine.
for example, colleagues, who are responsible for installing and commissioning trackside devices at night,
tend to have their step count stand out during the early hours of the morning.
all the casco staff who stay at their posts are committed to their responsibilities,
and such commitment is the attitude in which we persist to promote public welfare.

the joint efforts of all staff enabled us to fulfill

our initial goal of 350 million steps in 20 days and eventually achieve a cumulative total of 483.4 million steps donated on october 26,
thus completing our goal of donating 7,000 apple trees to liujiaxia.

  • 350million

    20 days achieve

  • 483.4million

    cumulative donation steps

  • 7,000trees

    donating apple trees to liujiaxia.

in april 2022,
all the 7,000 apple trees we donated to liujiaxia area in gansu have been planted,
sowing hope in the spring.



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