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steps donation program season 3
plant trees of hope

with the operation of yinchuan-lanzhou high-speed railway and yinchuan-xi'an high-speed railway, which both involve casco’s participation, ningxia has successfully connected to the national high-speed railway network, and the people of ningxia have ushered in a new era of efficient travel. however, land desertification still plagues the local people, bringing endless sandstorms and haze, burying green vegetation and leaving only barren land.

in 2022

casco focused on the land of ningxia and launched steps
donation program season 3

joining hands with the china green foundation to participate in the public welfare program of "happy homeland - planting trees of hope" with the goal of planting a forest of high-quality wolfberry ecological economic tree in ningxia to help local people alleviate poverty ecologically and resist dust invasion.

during the event,
while appreciating the charm of sports, casco people left behind their figures and
memorable moments while passing through the beautiful world.

after 27 days of hiking and running,
we measured the world with our feet, protected the green land with love, and successfully reached
the overall goal of donating 400 million steps, corresponding to 20,000 wolfberry trees.

in march 2023,
we went to zhongwei, ningxia, and planted goji berry saplings with local people,
contributing casco's efforts to improve local ecological environment.



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