corporate social responsibility

steps donation program season 4
protecting dunhuang culture

on december 25, 2023,
the 90-day steps donation program season 4 came to a successful conclusion.
more than a thousand casco employees walked 540 million steps and donated
a total of 27,000 m² of grass grids to the dunhuang desert area, making positive
contributions to protecting the ecological environment in northwest china as well as dunhuang culture.
during the event, casco people’s enthusiasm of sports
ran high and left footprints in various places.
many people also actively responded to the call to participate
in a variety of volunteer services and public welfare activities with sincerity,
practicing public welfare with every word and deed.
with joint efforts, the steps donation program season 4 came to a successful conclusion and the steps will
be donated to the windbreak and sand fixation project in the dunhuang area of kumtag desert.
located at the junction of western gansu and southeastern xinjiang, this area faces the perennial threat
of desertification, and the continuous accumulation of sand, wind erosion and dust also pose great
challenges to the protection of cultural relics in dunhuang.

by planting grass grids in the desert, we can effectively improve the windbreak and sand-fixing barrier,
increase the moisture of the sand, and contribute casco's strength to protecting cultural relics and
ecological environment in dunhuang.



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