corporate social responsibility

steps donation program season 1
public welfare forest

this year,
the golmud–korla railway, in which casco has participated, will be put into full operation.
terminus korla is located at the north side of the world's second largest desert

taklamakan desert.

here the oasis is barren, the sand raging and the desert sprawling,
bringing severe challenges to the survival of the "heroes of the desert"
populus euphratica forests.

to protect the ecological environment of west china
and help combat land desertification,

on september 1, 2020,
casco, committed to the brand philosophy of "overall protection",
launched the public welfare forest donation program,
and worked with the charity foundation to donate to korla region
casco public welfare populus euphratica forest.

casco called for
employees to contribute their power by donating steps
and "walk" to protect the green.
after 28 days and nights of perseverance,
a guardians' alliance of 39 teams
with 786 volunteers
completed the allotment of 3,300 populus euphratica trees
and donated 165 million steps.
assuming 0.5m by each step,
a distance of over 80,000 kilometres has been reached.

that's enough to go twice around the
earth at the equator!

the step donation activity has ignited the spirits of casco people,
with some picking up their daily jogging routines that were interrupted by the epidemic,
some starting a new weight loss plan, and others beginning to walk with their
dogs for several hours a day ...... let's hear what they said.
i don't have much experience actually, just setting myself a small goal of 40,000 steps a day.
my wife and i both have a need to lose weight, so we would take a talk in the evening more often.
i've been exercising lately, so i would love to take this opportunity to walk more.
walking is good, just a bit much for my dog, who would run out happily every day but come home exhausted.
i work in the field and usually take about 20,000 steps a day. and i do another 2 or 3 hours of exercise outside of work, as exercise is addictive. i have bought a new pair of jogging shoes, haha, so it's kind of an investment.
everyone knows fitness is important, but often get slack for busy work. this step donation has made many start jogging again at weekend! i’m looking forward to plant trees in xinjiang, thanks to our company for this opportunity!
in september 2020,
with the "walk" of love from every casco volunteer, casco donated to the china
green foundation for planting and nurturing 3,300 populus euphratica trees in the
korla region of xinjiang, to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and contribute
to the ecological environment protection in northwest china.

on april 15, 2021,
representatives of casco staff and the management team went to korla in xinjiang
uyghur autonomous region to attend the inauguration of casco's public welfare poplar
forest and planted poplar saplings representing the future and hope, leaving casco's
good wish to protect the green in the vast land of korla.



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