corporate social responsibility

“protecting our blue planet”
casco beach cleanup program season 5

the beautiful winding yellow river, as the cradle of the chinese civilization, has nurtured the descendants of yan and huang. in early summer, we approached our mother river and started a trip to clean the beaches together for public welfare.

on june 18, 2023, casco joined hands with zhengzhou metro to hold the "protecting the blue planet" public welfare beach cleaning and joint party building activity on the bank of the yellow river. 107 environmental protection volunteers picked up 1,971 pieces of garbage that weighed 33.75 kg in total, making positive contributions to the control of plastic pollution on the yellow river bank.

globally, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, while 5 trillion plastic bags are used every year.
single-use plastics that are discarded or incinerated endanger human health and biodiversity, and pollute every ecosystem from mountaintops to seafloors. microplastics (tiny plastic particles within 5 mm in diameter) can enter food, water, and air.
single-use plastics are ubiquitous and have become an integral part of our daily lives.
systemic changes are needed to stop plastic waste from entering the environment. rivers are a direct channel for plastic debris to enter the ocean, and public welfare beach cleaning actions will protect river and marine ecosystems.

therefore, in recent years, casco’s “protecting the blue planet” public welfare beach cleaning activity has been relayed across the country. more than 500 party members and volunteers have taken practical actions to declare war on plastic pollution, picking up more than 800 kg of beach litter in total.



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