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casco included on miit important lists to bag 4 national honors

12 jan 2024

recently, a number of casco's technological achievements have been successfully included on the important lists of the ministry of industry and information technology (miit), which fully demonstrates the company's strength in technological advancement and industry application prospects. 

list of open competition projects of intelligent manufacturing system solutions

the "2023 open competition projects of intelligent manufacturing system solutions" was jointly organized by the miit and the state administration for market regulation (samr). a total of 162 projects across the country were selected, and casco made the list with its two intelligent manufacturing system solutions. the “metro operation control and decision-making system" integrates different business application subsystems, covering signaling, electromechanical, vehicle, telecommunication and others. through unified platform monitoring and management, the system realizes data and information sharing and rapid processing, and provides intelligent decision-making assistance to improve the efficiency and operational reliability of the system. the rail transit network security solution based on dual-security integration is developed on a technical framework known as "one center & threefold protection" and a self-developed full-life-cycle dual-security integration technology development system, breaking through the limitations of the existing situational awareness system, improving the intrusion response capability, and creating a cybersecurity protection system.

big data industry development demonstration list

the "2023 big data industry development demonstration list" includes 104 demonstration projects selected nationwide involving 13 directions in 4 major fields, aiming to set up a number of benchmarks in the field of big data with outstanding innovation capabilities, good application performance and obvious demonstration effect, and to promote the high-quality development of the big data industry. casco's integrated rail transit intelligent o&m system based on big data was successfully shortlisted for the equipment manufacturing industry demonstration list - big data direction. this scientific and technological achievement involves a smart urban rail big data system combining functions such as smart station, smart hub, smart operation control, smart dispatching and smart o&m. relying on the digital base, it can achieve data connectivity, efficient analysis, and comprehensive linkage.

typical application cases of advanced computing

the "2023 list of typical application cases of advanced computing" is published to recognize a series of advanced computing typical application cases across the country that have advanced technology, outstanding innovation capabilities, and good application performance in the two major fields of city brain and industrial brain. casco was selected as one of the 19 typical application cases of advanced computing in the field of city brain with its smart collaborative traffic command platform serving large-scale integrated urban transportation hubs. this solution uses emerging technologies such as the internet of things, big data, cloud computing and trusted ai to create an integrated digital base platform for urban multi-mode transportation, and a hierarchical smart dispatch system on this basis has been established mainly for rail transportation, which can achieve efficient and centralized control, accurate prediction, and collaborative management of traffic, equipment, and passenger services for various transportation types in relevant regions. it has been evaluated by the ministries and expert groups as having the value of extensive promotion and application.

list of typical products, applications and services of new-gen information technologies

the list of "2023 typical products, applications and services of new-gen information technologies" presents a group of innovative pilot application cases of industrial internet platforms that feature advanced technology, innovative model, remarkable results, and easy replication and promotion as selected by the miit, and is known as a "pilot vane" for digital transformation of enterprises. the innovative application of line & network digital integrated o&m system (iom) empowering rail transit "senseless" operation platform developed by casco was successfully shortlisted. casco's iom system pioneered multiple technologies such as intelligent sensing through multi-source technology fusion, and real-time warning analysis and diagnosis through multi-drive engine fusion, and is in line with the national digital transformation strategy. it has been applied in many cities and has produced massive social and operational benefits, and will continue to support the digital transformation of rail transit for better quality and efficiency.

in the past years, casco has closely followed the direction of digital and intelligent technologies, grasped industry opportunities, adhered to continuous exploration and innovation, digitally empowered existing products, and actively expanded the digitalization-intelligence integration business, striving to create a number of digital and intelligent rail transit solutions and contributing scientific and technological strength to promote the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of the rail transit industry.



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