casco supports the simultaneous opening of guangfo south ring and foshan-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco supports the simultaneous opening of guangfo south ring and foshan-dongguan intercity railways

31 may 2024

on may 26th, the guangfo south ring and foshan-dongguan intercity railway in the pearl river delta region, with casco's participation, officially went into operation, achieving connectivity with the already operational foshan-zhaoqing intercity railway and dongguan-huizhou intercity railway. after the "four-line" connectivity, the railways adopt a bus-like and subway-like operation mode of "stopping at every station express train at major stations", featuring high speed, high density, and short station spacing. connecting five cities of guangzhou, foshan, dongguan, zhaoqing, and huizhou, the entire line spans 258 kilometers, making it the longest "subway" in china.

diagram of guangdong intercity railway network (source: cctv news)

as the signaling system supplier for the project, casco provided the fzk-ctc3.0 centralized traffic control system for guangfo south ring intercity railway and fzk-ctc 3.0 system, ilock interlocking system, and train control system for foshan-dongguan intercity railway. casco successfully completed tasks such as equipment installation and on-site testing, ensuring the smooth opening of the line.

in recent years, the pearl river delta region has made significant achievements in intercity railway construction, further promoting the integrated development of regional transportation. in addition to this "four-line" connectivity project, casco has also actively participated in the construction of projects such as guangqing intercity railway, zhuhai-macao intercity railway, shenzhen-dazhou intercity railway, and shenzhen-huizhou intercity dapeng branch line, as well as the completion and operation of the intercity dispatching command center in the pearl river delta, providing technical support for accelerating the construction of the "greater bay area on rails."



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