casco's ai drone inspection completes the first flight scene verification, opening a new chapter of "low altitude rail"-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco's ai drone inspection completes the first flight scene verification, opening a new chapter of "low altitude rail"

26 jun 2024

on june 18th, casco and shenzhen metro signal jointly developed an ai drone inspection and emergency command system, which successfully completed the first flight scene verification on the shenzhen longhua modern tramway, achieving a major breakthrough in the innovative exploration of the "low altitude rail" field.

facing the difficulties and pain points of traditional manual inspections in rail transit, casco, together with shenzhen metro signal, relied on the jointly built "low altitude technology research center" to carry out scientific research and development, utilizing drones, big data, cloud computing, and other key technologies to develop an ai drone inspection and emergency command system. this system boasts three major technical highlights: efficient multi-drone collaboration inspection, intelligent monitoring of foreign object infringement, and integrated system linkage and control, providing strong technical support for the transformation of the rail transit industry from traditional manual inspection to intelligent inspection.

efficient multi-drone collaboration inspection: casco has deployed multiple sets of drones and landing equipment along the line, capable of performing automatic inspection and supporting multi-drone, multi-route, multi-task planning, and dynamic adjustment. the average inspection time per kilometer using a single drone is only 2-3 minutes, reducing inspection costs while improving inspection efficiency and enhancing rapid response capabilities in emergency situations, demonstrating excellent flexibility, efficiency, and economy.

intelligent monitoring of foreign object infringement: based on the daily operation scenarios of tramway, casco has created an intelligent monitoring mechanism using customized ai algorithm and deep learning data processing method. in addition to conventional vehicle and person recognition, the system can quickly and accurately identify foreign object infringement in the track area, as well as abnormal situations such as unauthorized construction along the line. it also pushes monitoring videos and alarm information to the control center in real-time, assisting dispatchers in quick commanding and emergency response, and effectively ensuring operational safety.

integrated system linkage and control: casco leverages its technological advantages in the signaling field to skillfully integrate innovative drone inspection application into its intelligent operation control platform, better activating the practical value of drone inspections and facilitating collaboration among signaling, dispatching, operation and maintenance, etc., which further enhances operational safety and efficiency.

the success of this scene verification demonstrates casco's innovative strength in creating smart transportation solutions from the ground to low altitude. in the future, casco will actively implement the strategic deployment of crsc's "three industries and one mode" for developing the low-altitude economy, deeply engage in research and development of intelligent control systems for low-altitude airspace and expansion of operational service, promote the implementation of innovative applications and business models in the "low altitude rail" field, actively cultivate and develop new productive forces, and contribute to the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry.



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