collaborating for the future of rail transit, casco attends the 2024 china international railway conference (circ)-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

collaborating for the future of rail transit, casco attends the 2024 china international railway conference (circ)

06 jun 2024

on june 5, the 2024 china international railway conference for intercity and urban mass transit (circ), themed "multilateral cooperation and multidimensional integration," opened grandly in shanghai. casco was invited to attend and discuss the forefront and hotspots of technology with global industry elites.

at the "global railway and urban rail transit international cooperation summit forum," dr. wang xiaoyong, general manager of casco's urban rail product center, delivered a speech titled "digital rail transit: innovation and practice for sustainable travel." he elaborated on the importance of developing digital rail transit, focusing on six dimensions of sustainable transportation - safety, economy, convenience, efficiency, resilience, and greenness. through a series of innovative technological solutions in urban rail transit and national railway, he showcased casco's significant technological achievements and successful practical cases in the sustainable development of rail transit.

during the roundtable discussion on "integration and development of international rail transit signaling", dr. wang xiaoyong looked ahead to the trend of interoperable rail transit operation based on casco's technological exploration of multimodal train control systems, and had forward-looking and constructive in-depth exchanges with experts from home and abroad.

on the same day, casco's product manager zhang yinan delivered a keynote speech focusing on "design and practice of intelligent operation control system based on digital foundation” at the urban rail transit smart maintenance and digital transformation development forum. he introduced casco's independently developed intelligent operation control system in detail, from design, functions to application scenarios, and highlighted the system's advantages in efficiency improvement, safety assurance, and cost reduction compared with traditional operation control modes.

in addition, the conference organized a special field trip. on june 4, leaders and experts from transportation departments, metro companies, equipment suppliers from 8 countries, as well as domestic metro companies, visited two major research centers led by casco - shanghai engineering research center of driverless train control of urban guided transport and shanghai engineering research center of railway intelligent dispatching command system. fabrice toulouse, casco's executive vice president, warmly received the delegation and showcased casco's innovative achievements in areas such as fully automatic operation, intelligent maintenance platform, intelligent dispatching and command, and new train control system. the delegation experienced relevant scenario demonstrations and had exchanges with the casco team.

through this event, casco not only showcased its comprehensive strength in the field of rail transit, but also deepened exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international peers. looking forward, casco will continue to adhere to innovation-driven development, play a leading role in the industry, continuously improve the quality of rail transit products and services, and strive to promote the active integration of china's rail transit industry into the international market, enabling people worldwide to share the fruitful results of rail transit development.



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