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casco attends the conference of local railway safety technology and equipment

31 may 2024

on may 28th, the conference on the promotion of the group standard "specifications for the standardization of safe production in local railway transport enterprises" and the exhibition of local railway safety technology and equipment, organized by the china local railway association and undertaken by shaanxi railway logistics group co., ltd., was held in xi'an. casco was invited to attend and conducted discussions and exchanges with participating enterprises on topics such as technological innovation and high-quality development of local railways.

as a rail transit control system integrator covering the entire field of rail transit, casco has established itself in local railways at an early stage, with products and services covering dozens of local railway enterprises in industries such as coal, ports, steel mills, and power plants. in recent years, with the rapid development of communication technology, positioning technology, sensing technology, and control technology, casco has focused on the needs of freight railway transportation, actively engaged in the research of the new generation of train control systems, and independently developed the train autonomous control system based on beidou positioning (tacn).

in december 2023, the tacn system was officially launched on pingmei railway.

at this conference, casco's product manager chen yaohua delivered a keynote speech titled "practice and exploration of the moving block intelligent train control system for freight railway." he focused on the system's main components and characteristics of safety, efficiency, and economy from three aspects: comprehensive dispatching command, safe and efficient train operation control, and comprehensive intelligent digital operation and maintenance, covering the entire process of freight railway. currently, the tacn system has been officially launched on pingmei railway and has successfully gone abroad, which will be applied to the railway from the port of morebaya to simandou mining area in guinea. in the end, chen yaohua further looked forward to the future development of freight railway technology in combination with the digital transformation of the industry, bringing profound inspiration and reflection to the participants.



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