casco's fully electronic interlocking solution becomes the first to win curc certificate in china-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco's fully electronic interlocking solution becomes the first to win curc certificate in china

29 jan 2024

recently, the "ilock-iie full electronic interlocking software and system integration" independently developed by casco successfully passed the metro equipment product certification of china railways test and certification center co., ltd. (crcc) and received the first curc certificate in the industry, achieving a breakthrough in the industry-recognized qualification of fully electronic interlocking in the metro field.

since 2007, casco has begun the development of full electronic interlocking prototype. through continuous optimization of product performance, it has successfully launched the ilock-iie full electronic computer interlocking system. as a new-gen interlocking product, the system has the following features:

high safety

the full electronic interlocking system is designed with a built-in comprehensive self-test mechanism, combined with combination fail-safe technology, and uses safety isolation technology to control the impact of faults within the system to ensure safety. in addition, the full electronic interlocking system reduces a large amount of on-site wiring works, significantly brings down the safety risks of mismatch, omission, and excessive wiring, and completely eliminates the potential safety risks caused by artificial "sealing connection."

high reliability

the full electronic interlocking system is built with high-reliability electronic devices and provides multiple cross-protection through technologies such as power supply redundancy, network independence, bus redundancy, fast module switching, and parallel drive and acquisition, meeting the high reliability and high availability requirements of the system.

easy maintenance

designed with integrated control, monitoring and inspection functions, the system can quickly and accurately determine internal and external faults of the module by detecting the module's inlet power supply, drive signal voltage and current. meanwhile, based on the characteristics of the controlled equipment, it can indicate possible fault types for common outdoor equipment faults and help maintenance personnel quickly eliminate the faults.

high integration and low construction cost

using electronic devices, the full electronic interlocking system is compact in size, takes up significantly less space, saves machine room and reduces construction and future maintenance costs.

easy scalability and high adaptability

the full electronic actuator unit is modular and networked. as it can be set up centrally or distributed in trackside boxes, the system is extremely flexible and can meet the control needs at different scales and in different environments.

at present, this product has been successfully used in suburban railways, urban rail transit, local railways, trams and overseas railways, helping the projects to realize the optimal allocation of resources throughout the life cycle of project implementation, operation management, and subsequent maintenance, winning widespread recognition from users, and becoming another distinctive master work of casco in the field of signal safety products.

the award of the curc certificate for full electronic interlocking equipment this time fully demonstrates the industry's recognition and affirmation of casco's advantages in technological products and independent innovation strength, which will also help promote the standardized, normalized and innovative development of signaling safety products, and assist the high-quality development of the rail transportation industry through the conversion of excellent results.



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