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casco's achievements in 2023

22 feb 2024

in 2023, we leaped over the milestone of 100 cbtc lines in china! in 2024, let’s strengthen our faith and march towards the future together on the new journey of creating a world-class professional leading demonstration enterprise!

demonstrating responsibility on the front line

the signaling system renovation team of shenzhen metro line 3 overcame difficulties to forge ahead with determination and make further progress, demonstrating the responsibility of casco people.

the signaling system of shenzhen metro line 3 has been renovated. with a total length of 43.06km, the existing line is designed with 31 stations, henggang depot and central park stabling yard. the fourth phase of line 3 is a route about 9.28km long, with 7 stations and a new pingdi stabling yard. a total of 76 trains are now running in the existing line, 12 new trains were purchased for the fourth phase of the project, and 10 new trains were purchased for the line network. the project contract was signed in june 2023. as the casco’s 100th cbtc project in china, it is scheduled to be open on december 28, 2024, and the construction period is shortened by more than half compared with normal renovation.

looking back on 2023, we completed the high-quality delivery and commissioning of the fully automatic signal control system for the zhengxu line, while looking forward to 2024, we will continue to support the safe and stable operation of this railway.

the zhengxu line is the backbone of the intercity rail transit network in the central plains urban agglomeration, linking up xinzheng airport, zhengzhou airport economy zone, changge, and xuchang. after the line opened for operation, through the "high-density, short-marshaling" bus-like operation, it has provided a convenient and fast option for people to travel between zhengzhou and xuchang, playing a very important role in promoting the "zhengzhou-xuchang integration". in addition, this line is also the first goa4 fully automated inter-city railway line using casco’s independent cbtc system.

the party member commandos of the jinan project team have always kept their original aspirations and mission in mind, taken root on the front line and devoted themselves to construction. their tenacious working style enables them to win each tough battle.

in 2023, the jinan project team of the national railway system department completed the ctc3.0 projects for laixi-rongcheng high-speed railway, ji’nan–zhengzhou high-speed railway, rizhao lanshan shugang railway, as well as for yanzhoubei railway station, rizhao railway station, hutian railway station, and heze railway station. throughout the year 2023, the project team completed 233 tdcs/ctc construction projects, including 3 class i, 11 class ii and 219 class iii construction projects, contributing endlessly to the company's high-quality development and the construction of china into a transportation power.

in 2023, the project team of chengdu metro line 19 overcame numerous difficulties and completed multiple difficult splitting and access tasks. in 2024, we will contribute to the development of chengdu metro network with fuller enthusiasm and more solid work style.

the chengdu metro line 19 project team used more than 90 night construction possessions to complete the installation and commissioning of 370 beacons on the existing line, the renovation of platform doors at 13 stations, the system upgrade of the existing line, the splitting and reverse upgrade of systems, the expansion of the control center and the commissioning of the emu violations and accidents happened during the entire construction period, and no conditions that affected normal operations of the next day occurred. the high-level implementation of the project has been highly recognized by the owner at all levels and unanimously praised by the evaluation experts.

in 2023, we bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities, overcame difficulties such as tight construction schedules and scheme changes, carefully planned and completed project delivery with high quality.

wuhan metro line 19 is the suburban express line in wuhan's rail transit network and is the 7th metro line which uses casco's technology in wuhan. during the implementation of the project, the party member commando team of the project bravely shouldered the heavy responsibility, overcame difficulties, kept a close eye on the nodes, organized scientifically, and actively coordinated internal and external resources. the team completed the emu commissioning of the signaling system in only 25 days, and obtained the third-party safety certificate of test run in september 12, creating the record of the shortest emu commissioning in wuhan, and demonstrating casco’s powerful operational delivery capabilities. on december 5, the project obtained the third-party safety certificate for initial operation with passengers, and was officially opened on december 30. the delivery was completed with high quality, winning the recognition and praise from the owner.

despite the cold winter, casco people fearlessly built up the lanzhou-zhangye line like a long dragon passing through the wushaoling mountains to form a new silk road at the foot of the qilian mountains. looking back on 2023, we have cooperated sincerely, braved the severe cold, and tackled difficulties to ensure the orderly progress of the on-site commissioning work of the lanzhou-zhangye high-speed railway.

the giant dragon extends far along the silk road. the newly built line of the lanzhou-wuwei section of the lanzhou-zhangye high-speed railway is 194 km long, with a design speed of 250 km per hour. it leads from zhongchuan airport station, passes through yongdengbei, tianzhuxi, heisongyi, gulangbei, and ends at wuweidong. the entire line is designed with 5 stations. looking forward to 2024, we will work hard to fulfill our promise of "fully protected and fully assured" with full spirit and high morale, and deliver satisfactory results on schedule with high quality.

braving the summer heat and the winter cold, casco delivered the nanning-kunming railway with notable details. the impeccable quality demonstrates our craftsman's aspiration.

the first and second batch of overhauls of computer interlocking (some stations), tdcs and monitoring systems of the nanning-kunming railway in 2023 were the annual key project of china railway nanning group co., ltd. (a total of 15 stations). the project needed to be completed within 3 months. the entire nanning-kunming railway is built on undulating terrain, with stations located in steep, sparsely populated areas with poor traffic infrastructure. in the face of the tight schedule, casco attached great importance to unified coordination and command. the nanning project team braved the difficulties with a high sense of responsibility and successfully completed the 2023 overhaul project of nanning-kunming railway in accordance with user requirements, and presented satisfactory answers to the owner with excellent results, winning the owner's praise and recognition.

after writing this new chapter, we keep the mission in mind and march forward.

based on the chongqing-kunming high-speed railway, the construction of kunming emu depot project was started in november. during the process, despite many user requirements and design changes, the software and on-site construction were successfully delivered, and the project was successfully opened as scheduled. the project has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent extension of the chongqing-kunming high-speed railway into kunming.

casco leads up in smart travel and create convenient services.

the kunming smart station pilot project is the first commercial contract for smart station, which includes a smart passenger guidance system, a smart customer service system, a remote video seat system, a 3d dynamic display system for station operation, an ar panoramic station patrol system, and an alarm system for abnormal events with smart video analysis. since the project was approved in early 2023, it has gone through several rounds of user demand mining, scheme design, and on-site construction, and has now entered the late stage of software debugging. the passenger service of the system was officially launched on january 2, 2024. once fully functional in march, the system will see great improvement in terms of passenger transportation service, passenger guidance, station management, and operational safety.

strong foundation for science and technology innovation

over the past year, the cvc-300c hardware team has broken through technical bottlenecks in the industry, and constantly challenged and surpassed itself in order to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. looking ahead, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and make unremitting efforts to create more outstanding results!

in 2023, cvc-300c, the core safety computer platform independently developed by the cvc-300c hardware team, successfully passed the sil4 safety assessment certificate. the cvc-300c platform undertakes the important mission of independent control with domestic resources. the platform adopts time-sensitive network technology in line with the trend of vehicle-integrated network technology, is seamlessly compatible with 5g network expansion, and is built with a bmc (baseboard manager controller) unified maintenance framework generally used in industrial control. it is an important technology platform supporting casco's future product development, comprehensively improving the smart operation and maintenance and remote control capabilities of the signaling system.

in the past year, we have been committed to product innovation, exploring user needs and optimizing user experience. in the future, we will continue to explore cutting-edge technologies to bring users smarter and more convenient product experience.

in 2023, we successfully carried out a series of product innovations at china railway shanghai group co., ltd.we improved the ctc simulation system, which provides dispatchers with new simulation training scenarios; we jointly developed the ctc auxiliary decision-making system with the dispatch office, which provides dispatchers with auxiliary decision-making processes under special scenarios; on the basis of the ctc traveling operation retrieval and analysis system 1.0, we jointly developed the 2.0 system based on the function of the dispatch console with the dispatch office, which realizes all-round data retrieval and analysis. these innovative functions have improved the operational efficiency and safety level of china railway shanghai group co., ltd. and won a good reputation for the company.

the xingchen ing team won the special award in casco’s first “innovation, creativity, efficiency” technology competition. the team fully carries forward the innovation-driven and excellence-pursuing spirit, keeps in mind the mission of safety computing, promotes the development of intelligent applications, and marches forward together on the road to excellence.

coming from different business departments, the team members actively utilize their strengths and maximize their potentials to contribute to the team's goals, and their talents and efforts are the cornerstones of the achievements. it is the spirit of teamwork that serves as the key to help them overcome one problem after another.

stable support in back end

casco people strengthened design responsibility, braved difficulties, sought development through professionalism, ensured quality through service, adhered to the bottom line of failure-safety, and formed an indestructible soul of safety.

in 2023, the engineering design and application design team of chengdu company successfully completed the delivery of engineering design for the communication and signal epc project of padma bridge rail link in bangladesh, ensuring the smooth opening of the first section of the project. the team completed the design and delivery of 7 metro lines including the second phase of chengdu metro line 19 and the renovation of suzhou metro line 3. it played a leading role in the design work of 3 metro lines (including 2 uto lines) projects in the zhengzhou area, deeply participated in the data design and technical management of computer interlocking projects such as guiyang-nanning c3 passenger dedicated railway, and c2 to c3 upgrading of guiyang-guangzhou high-speed railway, and delivered satisfactory results to the owners with excellent results.

we conducted careful inspections and repairs, worked hard, and built a specialized maintenance team to ensure the safe operation of chengdu metro lines 17, 18, and 19.

the o&m management department of chengdu company always takes work safety as a priority, and aims at "meticulous inspection and maintenance to meet standards, hard work to ensure safety, and responsibility to show spirit". the goal of the team is to build a specialized maintenance team to provide a good working environment, meticulous maintenance and fast and accurate fault disposal for the normal operation of the communication and signaling systems, guaranteeing the safe and efficient operation of the metro.

the chengdu fivp testing team adheres to testing standards and always strives to reach the peak of quality, which ensures the company's product quality with high standards, efficiency, rigor and pragmatism, and helps the company achieve high-quality development.

the team performed subsystem and system integration data testing for the company's various projects. in 2023, it completed the splitting and merging of chengdu lines 17/18/19, the technical renovation of suzhou line 3, and the interconnection of suzhou lines 4/7 and other important and difficult projects. the testing team works hard, rises to the challenge, adheres to the requirement of complying with export product standards, and improves product quality as its own responsibility, giving full play to the driving force of quality improvement, and helping the company grow into a world-class enterprise.

in the past year, xi'an company rose to the challenges, braved wind and waves, and marched forward in pursuit of dreams. in the new year, we will shoulder the significant mission to embark on the long journey ahead, get prepared, and move forward with a more energetic fighting spirit!

in 2023, in terms of metro projects, xi'an metro line 16, the first fully automatic driverless project in northwest china, was opened, and xi'an metro line 15, the second one of the same kind, is also under orderly construction; in terms of national railways, more than 70 projects are under construction, including the xi’an-yan’an high speed railway, xi'an-shiyan high-speed railway, jingbian - shenmu railway, and national railway c2 onboard system, covering a wide range of products such as ctc/tdcs, interlocking, train control, monitoring, and stp. the staff think and work in unity. under the strong leadership of the company's party committee, we give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of front-line party members, fully tap the potential of employees, strive for excellence based on our positions, promote the safe, smooth and orderly work, and ensure the company's high-quality development with a vigorous and enterprising spirit.

in the new year, the wuhan testing team will always uphold a professional, responsible and dedicated attitude to guarantee company's product quality.

in the face of new situations and new challenges, the team showed the courage to overcome difficulties and make breakthroughs and innovations. it successively overcame technical difficulties such as the serial port communication of beijing airport express atc and the trdp communication of hangzhou airport line, and successfully transformed the all-electronic interlocking test environment, realized the three-car automatic coupling and decoupling and the verification of the real and fake car and multi-car mixed operation scenarios. it also efficiently completed the laboratory interconnection realization, cooperated with the bjl3 coupling test, and completed the laboratory virtual environment migration and optimization, setting up a new layout for the company's new product development.

the interlocking test team, by continuously optimizing and improving the testing process, adapting to the development needs of the times, and keeping pace with technological changes, has created a solid and reliable safety testing force.

in 2023, the interlocking test team completed a series of product tests. these include software qualification tests for advct, boolcad, caa, and imact tools of ilock products and mmi and sdm software, integration and qualification tests for ips software and systems, and system integration and qualification tests for sga-m and mlp. in addition, it also successfully completed the regression testing of multiple baselines for all-electronic interlocking, ilock-ii, and interlock-overseas application products. this series of efforts provides a solid guarantee for ensuring the quality and reliability of the products. we will continue to uphold the professionalism and be committed to promoting the exquisite quality and excellent performance of interlocking software to meet the ever-evolving technological demands and ensure the safety and stability of rail transportation.



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