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good news comes as casco successfully delivers several railway projects

25 jul 2022

recently, casco successfully delivered several railway projects, including north-south national railway trunk lines and local railways.

on july 14, the dedicated railway of brilliance auto (dadong plant) in shenyang that casco participated in was officially put into operation, enabling brand-new cars to be transported across the country by train directly from the factory.

the dedicated railway was led by liaoning provincial government and managed by dadong district government. the railway linking shenyang east railway station and the planned plant area of brilliance auto (dadong plant) is dedicated for car transportation, which deployed casco's full electronic computer interlocking system and centralized signaling monitoring system.

commercial car loading and transportation site

as the epc contractor for communication, signaling, and information system of brilliance auto dedicated railway, casco was responsible for project integration and management of three systems, including design, indoor and outdoor equipment procurement, construction and installation, equipment commissioning and user acceptance. during the project, casco coordinated with many parties and worked ahead of the schedule, laying a solid foundation for high quality project delivery, and providing new ideas and methods for improving logistics and transportation efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

on july 19, the railway dispatching command system of china energy investment constructed by casco was successfully completed and accepted. the application of new system is of great significance to improve the integration of railway production and transportation decision, dispatching command efficiency and ensure transportation safety.

the railway of china energy investment is the second largest corridor for eastward transportation of western coal in china, spanning four provinces and regions, i.e. inner mongolia, shaanxi, shanxi and hebei, and involving nine existing lines, i.e. baotou-shenmu, tahe-hanjiayuan, ganqimaodu-wanshuiquan, shenmu-shuozhou, datong-zhungeer, zhungeer-shenchi, batuta-zhungeer, shuozhou-huanghua and huanghua-wanjia, with a total operational mileage of 2,408km and 157 stations. it is the largest and longest local railway project of casco.

dispatching center of china energy investment

casco provided full set of dispatching command system for this project, including ctc/tdcs central system, remote dispatching console equipment of shuozhou-huanghua railway company, baotou-shenmu railway company and xinshuo railway company and ctc3.0/tdcs3.0 station subsystems, as well as technical support and guarantee for core demand of coal production-transportation-marketing of china energy investment, and alleviating the contradiction between continuous growth of transportation volume and transportation efficiency.

on july 22, thanks to casco signaling system, dali-baoshan section of dali-ruili railway went into operation, adding another traffic artery in western yunnan province.

dali-ruili railway is an important national project of western development. as the "last section" of china-myanmar international railway in china, it will connect with myanmar railway and integrate into pan-asian railway network. the first section in operation this time is phase i project (dali to baoshan), whose length is 133km with 11 stations.

dali-ruili railway adopts casco's computer interlocking and centralized signaling monitoring systems, which is important to ensure the safety of train operation and improve the maintenance and efficiency of signal equipment. the centralized signaling monitoring equipment of the whole line passed full electronic insulation test, greatly reducing the construction time and difficulty as compared with traditional relay mode, thus improving the efficiency of electrical services.

insulation test of monitoring system  



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