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experts witness successful implementation of tranavi qiji tacs on model section of shanghai metro line 3/4 signaling system renovation

14 dec 2023

on december 8 and 9, the witness and review meeting for model section of shanghai metro line 3/4 signaling system renovation was successfully held. this event was hosted by shanghai transportation trade association and shanghai metro group, and experts from the metro owners, design institutes, and universities in many domestic cities were invited to witness and evaluate the key functions and scenarios of casco’s tranavi qiji tacs, especially the backup operation mode of the system after degradation. after on-site witness and review, the expert group unanimously agreed that the signaling system of the model section achieved the expected goals and gave high praise.

as a phased acceptance, this review can be considered a milestone in the signaling system renovation of shanghai metro line 3/4, and will also produce a significant influence on the promotion and application of tacs in domestic overhaul and renovation projects.

on the early morning of december 9, the participating experts went to shanghai metro line 3/4 for on-site observation. the dynamic verification was carried out for train from jiangyang north road station to shuichan road station, which proved that the performance of tranavi qiji tacs in normal mode has been improved by more than 30% compared with cbtc. the dynamic verification of the train in the downgraded scenario demonstrated the backup positioning control based on bls, which can realize signal control, hybrid operation, mode switching, etc. in particular, during degraded hybrid operation, the tracking accuracy can reach less than 21.3m, and turnback of the bls train can be realized at any point, fully reflecting that the tranavi qiji tacs system has high reliability and safety and can well satisfy the operational needs of shanghai metro line 3/4 for large passenger capacity and high density of transportation, laying the foundation for the smooth advancement of the subsequent tacs renovation of the entire line.

the streamlined architecture and easy deployment of tranavi qiji tacs system were also demonstrated in this model section renovation. the participating experts inspected the equipment room of the jiangyang north road station. after the tacs system was adopted, less trackside equipment was used, and the equipment room was reduced from 100 m2 to 35 m2. at the same time, the reduction of equipment installation and debugging workload also greatly shortened the schedule and reduced the cost of renovation.

on the second day of the review meeting, the experts listened to the project report, technical report and safety assessment report on the project, and highly recognized the excellent performance of tranavi qiji tacs in the renovation and its safe and reliable capabilities in fault degradation scenarios, and unanimously agreed that it passed the evaluation.

as the first tacs system renovation project in china and the first application of tacs system in a line with large passenger flow and high density, shanghai metro line 3/4 has been renovated and upgraded with the empowerment of casco’s technology, providing a more reliable, efficient, flexible and economical option for the upcoming overhaul and renovation peak, and helping the metro to realize high-quality and sustainable development.



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