guaranteeing the warmth of every family, casco goes all out to secure “north-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

guaranteeing the warmth of every family, casco goes all out to secure “north-south coal transportation”

15 dec 2023

the cold wave hit recently. through the wind and snow, trains filled with coal are speeding along the haolebaoji-ji'an railway, a major channel of "north-south coal transportation", converging into a warm current that brings warmth to each household.

haolebaoji-ji'an railway  source: china railway

this "coal" line adopts casco’s fzk-ctc3.0 centralized traffic control system, and the jingbiandong railway station, the departure station of the 10,000-ton special trains, has been upgraded recently through capacity expansion and transformation. with greatly improved transportation capacity, it can fully devote itself to this battle for supply assurance.

the haolebaoji-ji’an railway has a total length of 1,813.5 km, extending through seven major provinces and regions, i.e., inner mongolia, shaanxi, shanxi, henan, hubei, hunan, and jiangxi. it is a strategic transportation corridor for “north-south coal transportation” of china and is also the longest heavy-haul railway in the world in terms of operating mileage. since the opening of the haolebaoji-ji’an railway in 2019, freight volume has continued to grow. as its largest district station, jingbiandong railway station undertakes busy freight transport tasks. it connects many concentrated transportation railway lines such as taiyuan-zhongwei (yinchuan) railway and jingbian-shenmu railway, and concentrates coal, petroleum and agricultural products from the inner mongolia and shaanxi. the fleet of 10,000-ton special freight trains are marshaled and departs for the south.

the 10,000-ton special trains are assembled from more than 100 trains, with transportation capacity more than twice that of the conventional ordinary trains. this means that the marshalling capacity, train receiving and dispatching and scheduling operations of jingbiandong railway station need to be further improved and upgraded. in order to effectively alleviate capacity constraints and improve transportation efficiency, jingbiandong railway station launched a capacity expansion and renovation project to add three sets of scissor crossovers, two sets of turnouts and two locomotive waiting tracks in the station.

as the material integration supplier of this project, casco is responsible for the upgrading and renovation of signaling system equipment such as computer interlocking, centralized traffic control, centralized monitoring, shunting monitoring,  turnout gap, comprehensive lightning protection, zpw2000 track circuits, as well as the integrated supply of materials to various disciplines including train, train operation, and communication.

materials arrive at jingbiandong railway station

since the launch of the project in mid-may, the casco team has ensured the orderly progress of the project with a high sense of responsibility and professional technical standards through scientific coordination and meticulous organization. during the construction stage, we actively coordinated with various suppliers and fully cooperated with the client to carry out on-site insertion tests, system function verification, etc., which ensured the smooth opening of the jingbiandong railway station after capacity expansion and renovation, winning the trust and high praise of the client.

after completing the capacity expansion and renovation, the freight train transportation efficiency of jingbiandong railway station has increased by more than 40%. as of december 14, the haolebaoji-ji’an railway has shipped a total of 60.6259 million tons of thermal coal in 2023, with a year-on-year increase of 9.58%. casco’s guarantee for the southward delivery of the “black gold” with its technological power not only provides strong support for the efficient and smooth flow of the national energy corridor, but also brings warmth to thousands of households in this cold winter.



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