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the high-speed railways and metro lines that casco participates in delivered as a national day gift

29 sep 2023

in the golden autumn, as the national day and mid-autumn festival are approaching, a series of high-speed railways and metro lines that casco participated in have entered revenue service, presenting a special gift for the 74th birthday of our motherland, while providing more convenience for people's travel and reunion during the holidays.

on september 26, the guangzhou-shantou high-speed railway that casco participated in was put into operation. the line leads from xintang station of the newly built guangzhou-shenzhen railway to shanwei station of the xiamen-shenzhen railway, with a total length of 200 km. casco provided the fzk-ctc3.0 centralized traffic control system, as well as central servers and dispatching consoles for this project. after the line is opened, the fastest travel time from guangzhou to shanwei will be reduced to about 40 minutes, and shanwei will be officially integrated into the "one-hour" traffic circle in the guangzhou-shenzhen area, which is of great significance in promoting the lateral "eastward expansion" of the greater bay area.

on september 28, zhengzhou metro line 10 phase i, fuzhou-xiamen high-speed railway, and shanghai-nanjing riverside high-speed railway all went into service.

zhengzhou metro line 10 phase i is the first uto line in operation with the highest grade of automation (goa4) in henan province. casco provided the signaling system solution, with smart depot and smart o&m functions launched at the same time. this milestone is of great significance to promoting the digital and intelligent upgrading of zhengzhou metro and accelerating the improvement of the metro network.

fuzhou-xiamen high-speed railway is the first cross-sea high-speed railway with design speed of 350 km/h in china, and is also a crucial component of china's "eight north-south and eight west-east" high-speed railway network. with a total length of 277 km, it links up eight stations along the line. casco provided the fzk-ctc3.0 centralized traffic control system and related servers and dispatching consoles for this project, including fuzhou and xiamen officially in the "one-hour living circle" and making passengers’ dream of "seeing the sea by high-speed train" come true.

shanghai-nanjing riverside high-speed railway was formerly known as southern jiangsu riverside intercity railway. casco provided the fzk-ctc 3.0 centralized traffic control system station equipment, central dispatching console and server equipment for this project. the opening of this line ended the absence of high-speed railway in jintan, wujin, jiangyin and other districts and cities along the line, and further shortened the time and space distance between counties and cities in southern jiangsu and shanghai and nanjing. it helps intensify the yangtze river delta rail transit network, facilitating the travel of residents along the line.

on september 29, the northwest ring (laodaowai section) of harbin metro line 3 phase ii was successfully delivered. casco provided the cbtc signaling system solution for this project and configured smart o&m system as a reliable guarantee for safety and o&m management. as a circular rail transit trunk line in the downtown of harbin, line 3 will give full play to the radiating effect of the "cross ring" network and further improve the city's operational efficiency. at present, the remaining eight stations of line 3 phase ii are under active construction. casco will continue to push forward the project construction with high standards, and strive to "close the ring" of line 3 and realize full connectivity at an early date.



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