casco adds a "smart brain" for vientiane station, an important railway hub in laos, which is about to open-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco adds a "smart brain" for vientiane station, an important railway hub in laos, which is about to open

15 nov 2023

on october 30, the opening ceremony of vientiane station of the lao-thai railway was officially held, with the presence of mr. sonexay siphandone, prime minister of laos, mr. srettha thavisin, prime minister of thailand, and leaders of the two countries at all levels.

vientiane station is one of the important projects of the lao-thai railway phase ii, and is another fruitful achievement casco has made in the laos railway market after participating in the construction of thanaleng station (commissioned in 2015) of the same line phase i.

this railway station is located in khamsawat village, saysettha district in vientiane, the capital of laos, about 7.5 km away from thanaleng station. in the future, the station will be incorporated into the china-laos railway and the line will be extended southward to connect with nong khai province in thailand. once completed and put into operation, it will become an important hub for railway interconnection among china, laos and thailand.

vientiane station

vientiane station was jointly constructed by the laos and thailand governments through the neighboring countries economic development cooperation agency (neda). china's advanced technical solutions and equipment were adopted, and casco was responsible for the design, integration and supply of its telecommunication and signaling systems, including ilock-e full-electronic computer interlocking system, telecommunication system, axle counters, power screens, switch machines, signals, track circuits, cables etc.

telecommunication and signaling equipment

as the "smart brain" and "central nerve" controlling the train operation, the telecommunication and signaling system is the key to ensure the safety, efficiency and reliability of railway transportation. in addition to providing strong technical support for the opening of vientiane station, casco also organized professional technical training for local telecommunication and signaling staff, making adequate preparations for the opening, operation and subsequent maintenance of the station to guard the safe operation of the trains in all aspects.

telecommunication and signal project training

in june 2023, neda, the funder of vientiane station, organized the on-site acceptance of the telecommunication and signaling project. after learning in detail the working principles of the telecommunication and signaling system and the construction situation, they highly praised casco for completing the construction task with high quality.

neda conducts on-site acceptance

according to the laos media, vientiane station will go into operation during the laos national day (december 2) this year. as the only landlocked country among southeast asian countries, laos is taking advantage of the “belt and road” initiative to gradually realize the planning and construction of railway projects such as the china-laos railway, the laos-thailand railway, and the laos-vietnam railway. casco will also continue to provide technical support, contribute wisdom and strength, and add wings to laos’ railway industry for its take-off.



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