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casco's key technology, online flexible marshalling passes evaluation of scientific and technological achievements by camet

17 nov 2023

recently, the "research and application of online flexible marshalling technology for dynamic capacity adaptation" jointly completed by shanghai metro group co., ltd., casco signal ltd., and tongji university successfully passed the evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements by the china association of metros (camet). it marks that this breakthrough in technical innovation in metro organization has been widely recognized in the industry.

this scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting was hosted by the experts & academic committee of the camet, and industry experts from beijing, shanghai, chongqing, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing, wuhan and other places were invited to form an evaluation expert team. zhong jianhua, vice president of the camet and executive deputy director of the experts & academic committee, zhang lingxiang, vice president of shanghai metro group, liu jiahua, deputy chief engineer of shanghai metro group, sheng xiongwei, general manager of shanghai maglev transportation development co., ltd., wang yin, chairman of casco signal ltd., and leaders and representatives from tongji university and other units attended the meeting.

expert review

the experts at the meeting listened to the report on the completion of the achievement, and witnessed the entire process of train coupling and uncoupling at longyang road station of shanghai metro line 16. the experts reviewed the relevant information and raised questions, and they believed that this is the first time to realize the transportation organization technology and mode based on flexible marshalling. through the r&d of train automatic coupling technology in cbtc signaling system under the ato mode, train control system rapid reconfiguration technology and automatic identification and dynamic adaptation of running state of flexibly marshalled trains, it can realize the train online fast and flexible marshalling, train automatic switching of on-board network configuration, dynamic transport capacity adaption, etc.

zhong jianhua said that the online flexible marshalling technology applied in shanghai metro line 16 based on physical coupling and uncoupling is an innovative breakthrough in china's current metro organization technology, and is of great practical significance and demonstrative value in adapting to the characteristics of passenger flow and achieving energy conservation and carbon reduction.

on-site witness

shanghai metro line 16 is 59 km long, connecting the suburbs and urban areas, featuring obvious tidal passenger flow. to this end, casco, based on the operational needs of the line, has overcome the challenges in the key technology of online flexible marshalling and automatic coupling through continuous optimization of the train dispatching control system and a series of system developments.

the actual operation has shown that the system is stable and reliable, and the flexibility and applicability of transport organization have been significantly improved. the coupling and uncoupling operation of 3 trains was implemented during off-peak and normal hours on weekdays, 42 trains and 12,000 km of travel distance were saved in a single day, and the overhaul cycle of each frame was extended by 20% on average. in the past three years, a total of 7.2 million km have been saved, and about cny 24 million have been reduced in energy consumption costs and frame overhaul costs.

it is understood that if the transportation service is ensured, there is a large difference in passenger flow between peak and off-peak periods of metro lines across the country. the off-peak passenger flow only accounts for 1/3~1/4 of the peak passenger flow. the overall passenger transport intensity is not high, while the unit energy consumption and total energy consumption are considerable. the key technology of online flexible marshalling points out a direction to solve this problem, and shanghai metro line 16, as a successful case of application, provides an important reference for the construction of more projects in the future.

based on the successful experience of shanghai metro line 16, casco will further the research on online flexible marshalling technology. at present, the fully automatic online coupling and uncoupling developed by casco for fully automatic operation systems has entered the validation stage and will be applied on beijing metro line 3. as china's urban rail transit gradually ushers in a new era of high-quality and sustainable development, green, efficient and economic technologies will become the future development trends of the industry, and casco will actively contribute its scientific and technological strength to realize this goal.



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