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the "innovative development of smart metro" sub-forum of china internet of things conference hosted by casco concluded successfully

30 nov 2023

recently, the 2023 china internet of things conference was grandly held in wuxi. during the event, the sub-forum & the 7th rail world forum "smart metro innovation forum" hosted by casco’s shanghai engineering research center of driverless train control of urban guided transport was successfully held on november 26. this forum is the only industry summit forum focusing on rail transportation during this conference, gathering many experts and technology leaders from industry, academia and research communities. around the theme of "rail transit in the context of internet of everything", attendees discussed the new achievements and trends of digitalization and smart transformation of metro transportation empowered by the iot.

shen changxiang, academician of the chinese academy of engineering and expert in information systems engineering and cryptography, zhang hongke, academician of the chinese academy of engineering and expert in communication and network technology, cao xueqin, deputy secretary-general of the chinese institute of electronics, xu qi, deputy secretary-general of the shanghai ai industry association, zhu hong, deputy director of the rail transit committee of the shanghai transportation trade association, and other leaders and guests attended the event and delivered opening remarks for the forum.

academician shen changxiang delivered a report on the theme of "creating a new ecosystem of safe, dependable and smart rail transit” as a wonderful opening for this forum. starting from the national network power strategy, he pointed out the current network security challenges in the development of china's internet of things, as well as the importance of building a safe and dependable security system, and conducted in-depth discussions on the active immune trusted computing 3.0, mlps 2.0, and safe and dependable development strategies for rail transit.

academician shen changxiang made a keynote report

the digitalization of rail transit is based on a high degree of automation and informatization in the industry. it also focuses on the industrial chain development of technical processes to realize the connection between rail transit and digital industry chain and to accelerate industry development and urban digital transformation. wang xiaoyong, general manager of casco metro product center, explained this point of view in detail in his keynote report. around the theme of "research and exploration of metro digitalization", he pointed out that a multi-dimensional collaborative demand analysis for digital metro development should be carried out based on the needs of passengers in conjunction with those of other stakeholders. to this end, casco has taken the lead in preparing a number of industrial, local and international standards related to digitalization, bringing powerful impetus to the industrial implementation of metro digitalization.

wang xiaoyong made a keynote report

participating experts from tsinghua university, tongji university, southeast university, smart city laboratory of chinese society for urban studies, shenzhen research institute of the chinese university of hong kong, shenzhen technology university, shanghai university of engineering science and other institutions spoke freely and expressed their opinions, discussing the research and latest r&d achievements of the basic technologies of the iot in recent years, involving the integration of geographical spatial and temporal data, coding operation, deterministic wireless access network and other technologies with the rail transit industry. at the same time, shenzhen kaihong digital industry development co., ltd. and other ai and communications-related companies introduced the application of innovative technologies, jointly contributing to a wonderful exchange between academic frontiers and forward-looking technologies.

the digitalization of the rail transit industry requires continuous efforts. this successful forum has established a valuable platform for exchange and dialogue, which is conducive to promoting collaborative innovation among all parties, gathering wisdom and strength, jointly committing to the r&d of core technologies of rail transit digitalization, and accelerating the application of the research results to empower the digitalization of china's rail transit industry.



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