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field test of shanghai suburban railway airport link line concludes successfully

05 dec 2023

on december 1, the field test of shanghai suburban railway airport link line was successfully completed in changchun. yang bing, secretary of party committee and chairman of shanghai shen-tie, hu guangxiang and li jidong, deputy general managers of shanghai shen-tie, liu changqing, deputy secretary of party committee and general manager of crrc changchun railway vehicles co., ltd. (crrc changchun), and wang yin, secretary of party committee, chairman of board of directors and president of casco witnessed the on-site test that day along with other leaders and guests.

the ctcs2 ato signaling system provided by casco is adopted for shanghai suburban railway airport link line, which is the first suburban railway project with signaling system integrated in china. it can realize interconnection with the national railways and can meet the needs of networked and bus-like operation of railway lines. in addition, its automatic turnback function, the first of its kind in suburban railway, will greatly improve transportation efficiency.

the field test is a process of multi-subsystem linkage verification of the new functions of the system in advance to ensure the smooth commissioning and operation of the signaling system. this work, led by casco, was completed on the crrc changchun’s crash test line under the guidance of shanghai shen-tie. by simulating the setting of "two stations and one section" of the shanghai suburban railway airport link line, the main train and ground control equipment were built. suburban c-type trains and related systems were set up in accordance with the operation requirements of main lines, and static tests and dynamic operation scenario tests were conducted.

on the afternoon of december 1, the participating leaders and guests firstly listened to the introduction of the functional characteristics of the signaling system of shanghai suburban railway airport link line and the construction process of the field test line. subsequently, they boarded the train to experience the scenarios of ato departure, emergency platform closure, ato precise stopping and screen door linkage, signal-triggered automatic station announcement, and ato automatic turnback, i.e., the project's signature function. during the entire test process, the system operated stably. the ato automatic turnback enabled the train to complete the direction change within 5 seconds, meeting the requirement of 3-minute operation interval of the whole line, and recording a major technological breakthrough and innovation made by casco in helping suburban lines realize bus-like high-density operation.

this field test lasted 6 months from preparation to on-site implementation, during which the r&d, testing and project teams worked day and night tirelessly and overcame severe cold weather to advance the project. finally, the field test was officially launched on november 15, and the verification of all functions was completed in less than two weeks, which laid a solid foundation for the success of this on-site test.

with the successful conclusion of this event, the shanghai suburban railway airport link line is one step closer to its official opening. in the future, after the line is put into operation, the project will further enhance the role of pudong and hongqiao as transportation hubs and provide strong support for accelerating the construction of a multi-level rail transit network in the yangtze river delta.



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