casco commended by beijing subway for stable operation of new signaling system in line 1-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco commended by beijing subway for stable operation of new signaling system in line 1

25 jan 2016

recently, beijing subway rewarded casco with a commentary letter which recognized the reliability of the new signaling system and gave high appraisal of casco’s contribution to the signaling renovation of beijing line 1.


beijing line 1 is the first subway in china as well as the main artery of east-west transportation with over 1.2 million passengers a day. it began signaling system renovation in 2012 to eliminate hidden danger and relieve increasing traffic pressure by improving the operation efficiency.



the system renovation was undertaken by casco and before that, casco has successfully completed the signaling system renovation of beijing line 2, becoming the only rail transit signaling company that has carried out system renovation without affecting its operation in china.


as the renovation should not influence normal and safe operation during the day, the testing could only happen in the midnight with effective working hour of no more than 3 hours. besides, it also involved multiple aspects of work such as equipment maintenance and cross construction, making the project much more difficult.


to face the challenge, casco has innovatively created the day-and-night switch for the two systems and built a specific fivp for line 1 which has greatly reduced the testing time on site for over 70% of testing has been completed on fivp. these innovations ensured highly efficient and safe accomplishment of onsite testing without affecting the daily operation of line 1.


on december 7th 2015, beijing line 1 officially applied casco’s urbalis 888 system. guided by the new signaling system, the mainline tracking interval can be as short as 90s, turn-back performance up to within 120s, minimum departure interval cut from 2.05min to 2min, and operational efficiency up by 4.2%. the system has been running stably so far. 



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