casco helps open many metro lines as a gift for 2024-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

casco helps open many metro lines as a gift for 2024

31 dec 2023

as the new year's day approaches, a number of railway and metro projects that casco has participated in have been delivered together, presenting a "new year's gift" for the upcoming 2024, while also providing convenient choices and strong guarantees for holiday travel.

nantong metro line 2

on december 27, nantong metro ushered in the "dual-line era" as nantong metro line 2 was successfully opened for initial operation.

during the project implementation, casco’s team made overall deployments, overcame difficulties, and ensured that all milestones were completed on schedule, highly demonstrating casco's "special ability to overcome difficulties" and winning many awards and high praise from the client. the l-shaped nantong metro line 2 has a total length of 20.85 km and 17 stations, and forms a "cross" rail transit backbone together with metro line 1, further enhancing the city's agglomeration capacity.

shenzhen metro line 8 phase ii

on december 27, shenzhen metro line 8 phase ii was put into trial operation, allowing citizens and tourists to "take the subway to the beaches at dameisha and xiaomeisha".

its opening and operation will greatly alleviate the traffic pressure in the eastern coastal area, which is of great significance for solving the traffic congestion in eastern shenzhen and accelerating the economic development of the eastern region.

the existing casco cbtc signaling system is used in phase ii of shenzhen metro line 8. during the project, casco’s project team scientifically formulated plans, optimized the test process, and delivered the project with high standards while minimizing the impact on existing lines, making new contributions to the development of shenzhen's metro system.

tianjin metro line 11

on december 28, the eastern section of tianjin metro line 11 phase i equipped with casco's cbtc signaling system was put into initial operation. as an important channel connecting the downtown and the middle reaches of the haihe river, the completion and operation of metro line 11 will vigorously promote the development of the city's spatial structure layout.

casco’s project team adhered to the concept of "fully protected and fully assured", fulfilled the goals of key milestones ahead of schedule, and passed the expert review at a high level. our excellent technical strength, delivery ability and service awareness were highly recognized by the client.

wuhan metro line 19

on december 30, wuhan metro line 19, which casco participated in the construction, was officially put into initial operation. as the first cloud-connected line of wuhan metro, it also realized the deployment of ats on the cloud. the opening and operation of wuhan metro line 19 will effectively improve the distribution capacity of wuhan railway station and airport hub, become a fast channel of the eastern rail network of the city, and promote the sustainable development of the city's economy.

since 2012, casco has delivered 7 lines and 15 projects for wuhan metro, with a cumulative mileage of 288.146km, making outstanding contributions to the construction of wuhan metro and winning high recognition from users.



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