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casco's multi-mode signaling system to advance interconnection in the greater bay area by winning bids for 2 intercity railways in shenzhen

12 jan 2024

recently, casco has achieved new breakthroughs in market expansion, successfully winning the bids for the signaling system equipment and service for the shenzhen international airport-dayawan intercity railway (shenzhen section) and dapeng branch line of shenzhen-huizhou intercity railway. so far, casco has participated in the construction of more than 104 cbtc lines in china with a mileage of more than 3,700 km, and continues to lead the industry in market share.

the shenzhen international airport-dayawan intercity railway (shenzhen section) starts from shenzhen bao'an airport t4 hub station, passes through bao'an district, longhua district, longgang district, and ends at julong station in pingshan district. with a total length of 68.942km, the line is designed with 11 underground stations.

the dapeng branch line of shenzhen-huizhou intercity railway starts from longcheng station in longgang district, shenzhen, passes through longgang and pingshan, and ends at xinda station in dapeng new area. with a total length of 39.386km, it links up 6 underground stations.

these two lines are important components of the shenzhen metropolitan area intercity railway network in the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area. casco will provide complete signaling system solutions for the projects, leading the technological innovation of the multi-mode intercity railway signaling system for the "four-network integration".

both intercity railways adopt the cbtc train control solution and are designed with goa4 standards and a target speed of 160km/h. with suburban emus used, casco will equip some of its trains with onboard equipment compatible with cbtc and ctcs2 and ato functions, which can meet the operational needs of interchange to the shenzhen-huizhou intercity railway. after its operation, the project will also be interchangeable with a number of shenzhen subways, intercity lines and high-speed railways, helping the greater bay area accelerate the construction of an interconnected and integrated rail transit network and further promote the economic development of the region.



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